1517 Women Self help Groups (SHGs) among slum poor –covers 72 Divisions of 11 Zones in Chennai Corporation Area and it Covers 23134 poor women members.

      1479 Women Self help Groups (SHGs) -49 Village panchayats in Gummudipoondi Block , Thiruvallur District , Its covers 20680 women members.

      SHGs linkages in 131 branches of 17 Banks distributed –rupees 14.6 crores –Bank Loan to the SHGs –Supported by Mahalir Thittam-Chennai & Thiruvallur

      161 SHGs linked with NABFINS in tune of rupees 7.85 crores both in Chennai district & Gummudipoondi block of Thiruvallur district.

      200 rural Women panchayat representatives from 35 panchayats –Benefitted by Training on Panchayat raj-Rules , Rights , PRI Systems,Electoral Procedures , Leadership qualities –Supported by Ananda Foundation .

      Around 300 viable micro enterprises were started to with the support of Women Development Corporation and generous donors.

      300 Health mentors from Self help groups identified and disseminated the training to other SHG members in their own villages/Slums.


    Under the aegis of Chennai Corporation, operates shelter for homeless men at Ambathur–and Shelter for homeless women in Valasaravakkam. Caters their needs since May2013.

    Regular Counseling services offered to inmates to ventilate their aspirations. 200 Beneficiaries were rehabilitated under Reunion and Reintegration services to lead their decent living and livelihood support. Supportive services like job placements are taken care of after assessing their potentials.

    During their stay in the home they are provided with healthy food and refreshments.

    Regular medical checkups and referral services offered by the trained counselor appointed by the Organization.


    664 Persons with Disabilities identified by the trained Community Based Rehabilitation workers in 20 village panchayats in Gummudipoondi Block, Thiruvallur District.

    Trained 160 PERSONS WITH DISABILITY (PWD) in various trades like Tailoring, Candle making Paper products and Mat weaving training.

    Therapeutic support and Home based intervention activities were carried out with the support of trained professionals.


    With the support of Ministry of Textiles (Handicrafts) Government of India, IWDI :-

    Identified more than 3000 artisans in different trades.

    For the identified artisans various skill up-gradation and design and technical development workshops were conducted by the empanelned trainers.

    More than 600 prototypes were developed during the workshop conducted by us.

    Two Cluster development programmes under AHVY scheme were started one in Gummidipoondi block and the other one at Cuddalore.

    Established one common facility centre with improved machinery, tools and equipments for the benefit of the artisans in Zari embroidery trade in Gummudipondi.


    15000 Tree Saplings distributed to the SHG women for local Environmental Protection –Financial Support by Ministry of Environment & Forest, Government of India with the technical assistance by CP Ramasamy Iyer Foundation. During the following years the IWDI Observed and taken initiatives on the following national Themes





    1400 Flood Victims were supplied Emergency Family Provision Kits – with the support of District Administration and Tamil Nadu Soc ial Welfare Board.

    1500 Widows and Destitute from Tsunami affected cuddalore coastal areas and Chennai Slums were rehabilitated by Vocational Skill Training on Tailoring, Zari Embroidery, Sea shell crafts and Computer Trainings.

    Worked in 25 Coastal villages of cuddalore district for Tsunami reconstruction works, Offered the Psychological counseling , education support , skill and livelihood support through various donor agencies.

    After the Flood in Chennai, IWDI quickly responded and served the food and water bottles to the needy in five selected slums in Chennai.

    For to restore the children’s school accessories, with the help of BATA India, provided 500 sets of school shoes to the children

    With the support of Oxfam –India -Provided 1500 sets of Emergency kits to the needy (Shelter kits & Hygiene kits).

    Constructed Two Community toilet blocks in Annai Sathya Nagar & New Colony slum of Koyambedu

    Constructed 10 bathing spaces for women in Sathya Sai Nagar.

    Around 700 beneficiaries received Unconditional Cash Transfer to the deserving members in the slums.


    550 Poor children in the age group of 3-5 benefitted by rural crèches –With the support of Central Social welfare Board

    600 Rural & Urban Poor slum children has prevented from School Drop Out and improved their learning skill by Supplementary education centres –With the financial Support of Ananda Foundation.

    842 Rural women benefitted by Family Counseling centre (FCC) with the support of Central Social Welfare Board, GoI, New Delhi.


    720 Individual toilets constructed in rural habitation in Gummudipoondi Block , Thiruvallur district with the support of Water Aid –UK, and District Rural Development Agency, Thiruvallur

    76 Individual toilets constructed in the Villages of Gummudipoondi with the support of Habitat for Humanity, India.

    All the Project areas both in Chennai and Thiruvallur SHGs trained in the Health prevention training given by the trained health mentors –supported by TATA Trust through DESH -Chennai .