IWDI identify the poor women from artisan families and meet them frequently and collect them as a group in each habitation with its tough painstaking efforts and totally 48 SHGs are formed. 739 Poor Artisan adolescent girls and women from Backward and Scheduled Caste communities are members of that group. Under the guidance of IWDI, one Zari Embroidery Artisans Federation formed- ‘Society for Jasmine Zari Embroidery Self Help Groups’, in Gummidipoondi. They have one Common Facility Centre with Advanced Machineries and Skill Promotion Training – with the support of Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India.

With the extensive support from the Ministry of Textiles, Govt.of India, so far IWDI conducted 31(930 members) Design and Technical development Workshops and 930 number of prototypes produced as the result of DTDW. IWDI identified 2300 number of Artisans in different Trades (Terracotta, Bamboo, Zari and Sea shell crafts). Artisans from the society had participated all the exhibition conducted by Ministry of Textiles(Handicrafts) at Madurai, Thiruvananthapuram and Pondicherry, sold their innovative products in the exhibition.

Improvised tools also supplied to the artisans with the support of ministry to improve the production capacity for to meet out the demands of national and international markets.

Apart from that, the identified artisans covered under the Medical claim and General Group insurance scheme provided by the Life Insurance Corporation of India. named Aam Admi Bima Yojana(AABY) which offers the compensation of natural death Rs 30000/-and accidental death Rs 75000/- also as the additional benefits to the enrolled members children’s gets the educational scholarship of Rs 1200/- Per Year.