Family Counseling Centre is a comprehensive psycho-educational center that offers services of the highest standards for families, children and individuals.

Our Mission is to enhance the lives of individuals and help build strong and healthy families. We implement a variety of therapy modes to assist our clients to develop to their full potential and feel confident to cope with the challenges of life.

Family Counseling Centre is committed to give the care and support to the human life for peaceful living. Under the support of the Central Social Welfare Board, IWDI has running a FCC in Gummidipoondi. In this centre professionally trained counselor appointed and offers the service to the victims from the stress, mis behavior, drugs addiction, marital mal adjustment, and psycho social disorder.

This centre is established the good rapport with line departments like police, judiciary, and health institution for better results. Dealing with Life Challenges: Encouraging the client and helping her to face her fears and challenge herself. It has really helped her to feel more confident.

Supporting Children and Families for changing their attitudes towards bringing harmony Ending the cycle of violence & assisting people with special needs.

The following table depicts the progress of the cases handled during the year 2014-2015